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The MedTech industry always undergoes a lot of pressure. Companies have tight margins to follow. Along with that, there’s been a value-based shift in payment methods, related to digital technology. From now on, lots of R&D leaders are looking for some investment strategies from a different point.

Most of MedTech companies always need to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs in health systems and patient care. Innovation in payment models, medical devices and digital technologies are now improving patient care and offer new treatment methods. However, advanced technological features can also cause competition between market players.

Advalange – Leading MedTech Company

On November 18th – 21, at Dusseldorf Medicine World Forum Advalange is performing as a technological partner for the companies, producing medical & laboratory devices.

Advalange is an efficient and experienced safety-critical and mission-critical software developer. Our team is highly qualified and has a strong understanding of all the applicable standards, like FDA/CDRH 510(k), IEC 62304, ISO 14971, ISO 13485.

In addition, Advalange has just certified with the ISO 9001:2015 By TUV SUD. This guarantees our customers that we will take full responsibility to provide a high level of service.

Our customers know that they don’t just hire a SOFTWARE development team. They obtain a technological partner who will solve all their software R&D and D&D issues, saving their time and costs.

What we do for the MedTech companies:

– Outsourced software development services. We’ll fully take care of your software component development or take the full responsibility of its certain life cycle activities.

– Verification and validation. These are the key elements of your software development and successful system certification.

Now Advalange is adopting hybrid-operating models that use centralized and decentralized resource systems so that companies could unite their resources and get new opportunities, like advanced technologies or digitalization. The latter is the main 21st-century phenomenon. The companies which realize it stay ahead in the market. Advalange services help to reduce all the costs and increase the margins.


When MedTech companies collaborate with technological partners, they can gain access to digital skills, required for innovation and business growth. MedTech has already created complex sensors and connection devices. Many companies have just started experiments and innovations. Technology companies could provide technical capabilities, required to improve the devices efficiency, better data management, and insight generation (see case study: Leveraging AI to improve diagnostic capabilities). Moreover, MedTech can also tap into better user experience following the 21st-century main trend: be more customer-focused.